fredag 13 maj 2011

From the Jam session on May 8!

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Hi everyone!

The gathering started on Sunday 8th of May at 1300h. The personnel consisted of:

Jesper Bergman: Electric bass
Christer Bjernelind: Double bass
Mattias Lennestig: Keyboard
Magnus Ramel: Keyboard
Milton Öhrtröm: Keyboard
Peter Åkerberg: Electric guitar
Jonas Englund: Electric guitar
Peter Pedersen: Electric guitar
Anders Bergman: Percussion
Bill Öhrström: Percussion
Per Tjernberg: Percussion
Paul Svanberg: Drums
Åke Eriksson: Drums

The intensity was obvious from the very start. Bill and Åke started off a groove and from there the airplane lifted off!

Everyone contributed magnificently and it all flowed.

Four really good numbers came out of this session:

Ambient Noise

From the Hilltop and Beyond


Horrorscope which infact is a Ralph Lundsten composition, Op 167. His original was recorded with Ralph Lundsten & The Andromeda Allstars in 1979. Watch the video at the end of this post!

Our version became quite interesting. I will present it when we know what to do with all the material.

The last piece I will mention was actually the first one we recorded. I call it "In a Strangely Nice Kind of Way". Press it and listen! It lasts for 20 minutes.

I am very proud that so many prominent musicians joined the group and helped us fulfill this dream. Nothing existed to begin with, but thanks to our universal mind everything worked out. I really hope we will play together some time in the future. I have great hopes for this album and it seems as if it will turn out as a double!

Here is Horrorscope by Ralph Lundsten:

Christer Bjernelind and Per Tjernberg played together in the group Archimedes Badkar in the 70s. A great Swedish progressive group. Listen to them here:

Per Tjernberg is a legend that has recorded numerous solo albums. He actually recorded an entitled Don't Stop in 1983. Listen to Lucumi Suite from that album with no one else but Doktor Åke Erksson himself on the drums:

Åke Eriksson is Swedish drum legend mostly known for his work in Wasa Express and Egba:

Bill Öhrström once turned down a part as singer in an English r&b band. This band later became The Who!!! On Jimi Hendrix' first visit to Stockholm Jimi stayed at Bills apartment in Stockholm. Bill produced the legendary Swedish duo Hansson & Karlsson and has all his life played music and lived for playing music. He has played with everyone! Bill is always young! Here is a a clip from one of the times when he played with us at Stampen. Åke is playing the drums:

Paul Svanberg is an up and coming jazz drummer. Listen to him playing with Ulf Wakenius! Impressive!!!

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