söndag 2 oktober 2011

The complete set from Live At Heart on September 16 + Two New Videos

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Dear fellow reformers!

It has been a hectic time, as always in the psychedelic jazz rock business. Three gigs in two months! Life is great!!!

Junikullen, Live At Heart and Southside Pub.

Live At Heart went great and we are really proud of the concert consisting of four tunes. Although the hour was late, 2400h, when we started playing we felt up to it and everybody played great. I had brought some copies of the new album and the nice audience bought some of them. The gig was recorded by Sveriges Radio Örebro and that recording has been merged with the one I myself did with my DAT-tape recorder. The result is very satisfying and I am proud of the crew. Magnus could not accompany us, but Thomas could, and can he play or what? Great work!

Here are the tunes:

Spooky Tax

Little Vienna

The Faithful

Madame Riot Lajath

I also give you Madame Riot Lajath from Junikullen on August 27, where we actually perform as the sextet we are meant to be, in my opinion. The were some trouble with the sound and Mattias could not hear what he was playing, but that's the way it is when you are playing live.

Last, but not least I will present you with something that we are going to do much more often. This is a jam that we played at Southside Pub on September 24. I call it Happy Tax since the tunes we jam around are Tax Vobiscum and Happy Landing. Although there is a short break between the tunes I seem them as one complete unity and therefore they are presented as one track/video of 21 minutes.

Janne Kullhammar had the kindness to join us this night since Anders was occupied elsewhere. We performed as a quintet with me on bass, Mattias and Magnus on Keyboards and Peter on guitar. Janne did a great job!

In my opinion, this is the way Reform should function; the jamming should be the focus and lead into the different tunes. We have moved towards the songs being the core for jamming, which is also interesting.
I though strongly believe that the most important ingredients in this type of music is energy and magic and a musician usually receives energy and magic where the "known" stops to be a parameter. Then the band is suddenly outside the perimeter of where the playing is intellectual. We suddenly feel and share the same awareness. This awareness tells us:

-Since you have crossed into unknown territory you must try to get to know it and find the way out, together.

Music is a holy entity and it has to be treated as such!

At least, that is what I believe.

Take care and be aware