söndag 24 april 2011

A review, an update on the new album and some general thoughts and news!

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The work with the new album is proceeding. We have more than twelve songs to choose from. There is a jam also which I really would like to include. Let's see if there is enough space. Anyway, I am more than satisfied with what has come together up until now. The keyboards are amazing. It seems as if Mattias and Magnus form a great team. On Sunday May 8 I am planning for a big jam session with some special guests. If it works out I will give you the details. I will contact everybody as soon as Easter is over.

I am also going through all the Reform concerts chronologically. It was not until the concert at Kolingen in November 2009 that I started to record the concerts with active microphones and DAT. There is a lot of material with quite horrible sound quality and I have become better at mixing and restoring over the years. I am working with the concert from Gamlingen on the April 12 2009. It is quite interesting to hear how the group has developed the sound since then. This work will of course end up in a digital release called something similar to "Best of Reform Live 2009-2010". The physical and digital album Uncut & Lo-Fi, though it still feels interesting, is no longer a representative source of how the group sounds live. This is, firstly, due to the sound quality and secondly because we now have a steady crew. There is actually yet another album in pipeline. I believe it will be only a digital release and it will consist of all the alternative takes, demos and versions of the songs included and excluded on and from the sessions leading up to the completion of the new album.

Why I want to use some recorded jams on the album is because I still want to convey that Reform is based on music created in the moment. Music that is not the same twice.

We have received another review of Reformed. This time by Music Stage. Check it out here.

Skivrecension, Reform, Reformed
Skrivet av Matilda Hedberg Dowdle
2011-04-05 20:33

Loungemusik eller experimentell jazz? Den frågan kan man utan tvekan ställa sig när man lyssnar på bandet Reforms skiva Reformed.

Jag ska vara ärlig. Hade jag plockat upp Reformed i närmaste skivbutik och läst vad för typ av musik det var jag höll i, hade jag aldrig lagt pengar på skivan. Så avtänd blir jag på experimental jazz.

Men så är inte fallet nu. När jag klickade på play på Spotify möttes jag av musik vars like jag aldrig stött på. Jag kallar det för experimentell jazz, andra kanske skulle säga hissmusik. Jag själv får en lugn känsla i kroppen när jag tar del av skivans enda sex låtar. Det finns en bra balans mellan de konstanta lugna beatsen och gitarrerna a la Jimi Hendrix som ibland kommer in i låtarna.

Det finns varken sång eller något som verkar som en röd tråd. Reformed är däremot en skiva att ta fram när dagarna är stressiga och maten bränns vid på spisen. Det är en skiva som för dig till en annan miljö, vare sig det är en strand i Thailand eller en takvåning i New York.

Låt oss gå tillbaka till exemplet om skivbutiken. Hade jag vetat mer om bandet, baserat på det jag nu har lyssnat på, hade jag tagit upp plånboken. För visst finns det en mening med musiken som strömmar ut ur högtalarna. En mening som jag mer än gärna vill ta del av.

Those of you who do not read Swedish will have to use the Google Translator. I am very satisfied with this review and I am also proud of it!

To conclude this post I will present you with something that is definitely not very Reformish. In the spring of 2010 we made two concerts in which we incorporated some cover songs performed vocally by Bill Öhrström. The first time we did some 60s soul music and the second time we did some 60s American Psychedelia. The three following songs are from that second gig in May 2010.

How can we Hang on to a Dream by Tim Hardin

Summer in the City by the Lovin' Spoonful


7&7 is
by Love

Bill is a great singer and performer and he also fits in beautifully into Reform's own tunes when he plays the harmonica. Bill is music and music is Bill!!! I hope we will play with him again soon!

Enjoy the music and stay tuned for the new album!