lördag 20 november 2010

New line-up and first of four rehearsals + Pocket Size

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On Thursday evening November 18 we had a fantastic rehearsal playing only Reform tunes. Micke Hujanen really got into it and had a lot of suggestions concerning groove and arrangement, but above all he added a fantastic atmosphere both musically and environmentally.

For me, as the band leader, it was a wonderful feeling!!! We are going to rehearse Sunday, Monday and Tuesday also. Everything to give you an as pleasant as possible concert experience on the 26th and 27th at Lilla Wien!

So, here are two tracks from the rehearsal:

Madame Riot Lajath and Tax Vobiscum. Both composed by Magnus Ramel and arranged by Reform.

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I attended a release party for a group called Pocket Size and their album The hornplayer from the milky way.
This album is my tip of the day. It is a great mixture of Zappa, King Crimson, Gentle Giant and Mahavishnu Orchestra. The group is lead by an old friend of mine, Peter Pedersen, who also writes all the group's material. Listen to this album! You won't regret it! I hope that Pocket Size and Reform will do some gigs together in the near future.

Take care and live well!