söndag 1 april 2012

Another Happy Landing from Klubben Fryshuset and a review

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Dear reformers and followers of the progressively psychedelic wave!

Last weekend a well rehearsed Reform entered the stage at Klubben Fryshuset. The ambiance was great and we played quite an aggressive set consisting of EOD, Align, Happy Landing and Nuclear War. Everything worked very well and music was the protagonist! It was nice to be back with the real line-up.

Next gig will be at Amsterdam Café here in Stockholm. Thomas Berglund has been invited to join the group full time and he has accepted.

Here follows a video from March 25 at Klubben. The sound is not as good as when we played there on January 25, but it'll have to do. The energy is there and so is Reform at its best! Enjoy!

Today we also received a great review from a Norwegian brother:

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Take care and live well!