lördag 24 april 2010

Planning the gig at Lilla Wien

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Dear reformers!

Sorry for taking so long! There has been a lot of organising for the Lilla Wien gigs on May 14 and 15. We won't do the soul repertoire on neither of the days, but we will do a sixties pop/ flower power set with Bill doing the vocals for:

Summer in the City: Lovin' Spoonful
Fire: Jimi Hendrix
For What it's Worth: Buffalo Springfield
Mr. Soul: Buffalo Springfield
How to Hang on to a Dream: Tim Hardin
Misty Roses: Tim Hardin (maybe)
Seven and Seven is: Love

I will do the vocals for three Grateful Dead numbers:

China Cat Sunflower
Lady With a Fan
Eyes of the World

Åke will do the drumming for the songs with Bill on vocals and Anders for those with me. I hope Bill will play percussion on the Grateful Dead tunes.

Here follows a clip from the gig at Stampen on March 28. It's the third song on the gig: Uncle Urri Suite

Take care and enjoy!

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