fredag 1 januari 2010

Istemem video from The Backstage Festival

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Greetings to everyone with hopings for a great new year!

Hope you all had a perfect New Year's Eve!

I have started editing the Carl-Eiwar Sect gig from the Backstage Festival where we performed only Asian psychedelia. The set list was the following:

Istemem: Erkin Koray (Turkey)
For Your Information: Cedars (Lebanon)
Voice From the Inner Soul: Confusions (India)
Crazy Loving You: Thra Ka Band (Cambodia)
Love For Sale: Eddie Pelegrina & the Blinkers (Philippines)
Hanashitakunai: Youngers (Japan)
Magic Colours: Teddy Robin & The Playboys (Hong Kong)

The line-up is:

Uffe Henningsson: Guitar and vox
Jesper Bergman: Bass and backup vox
Magnus "Bjurre" Bjurén: Drums

I will start off this suite with Istemem by Erkin Koray from Turkey. He had the reputation that he was Turkey's Jimi Hendrix.

I have been in contact with Burak who runs the Erkin Koray tribute Myspace page and is a friend of Erkin Koray. He sent me this translation of Istemem.


- sensiz gelecek zevkin ne tadı var?
what is the pleasure in a joy that comes without you? (nothing gives me pleasure when you are not with me)

- istemem istemem istemem....
i dont want... i dont want... i dont want... (any pleasure if it comes without you)

- yetişir bana sevgin.. your love reaches me (your love is enough for me)

- başka bahar istemem... (i dont want any other spring)

- gönlümün sevgisinden (from the love of my heart)
- duydum aşkı sesinden (i heard the love from your voice)
- yüzümde nefesinden başka rüzgar istemem (i dont want any other wind than your breath on my face)

Burak also pointed out something quite funny with how it sounds when Uffe sings the lyrics. Since we don't speak Turkish and can't hardly read it either Uffe had to copy the text from Erkin Koray's recording phonetically. This time the fault turned out well:

in your version of istemem i noticed something very fun...

erkin koray says:

yüzümde nefesinden...
başka rüzgar istemem....

yüzümde nefesinden 'başka rüzgar istemem' = 'i dont want any other wind' than your breath on my face

but in your version you say (it clearly sounds like:)

başka "işgal" istemem....
which means: i dont want any other occupation...

(* işgal = (like military) occupation. but yours would be "i dont want any other occupation in my heart"..

hehe very good lyric for a punk version.

Music forever!

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