söndag 31 januari 2010

Gigs, Cambodia and Distributors

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Hi everyone!

I hope you are looking forward to the concert at Regent Pub.

Reform & Soul Tribute

It will be a great evening!

On February 28 is the Berglund, Kullhammar & Bergman Trio doing its first gig at Stampen/Stockholm Fusion Club. There are some new tunes on the way!

Here follows the 4th song performed by Carl-Eiwar Sect. It is a song by the Cambodian group Thra Ka Band. There are very few traces of the group and their members. They were probably executed by the followers of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, Khmer Rouge, when it became the totalitarian ruling party in 1975. But the tapes were saved and stored till present day! Listen to the original further down!

The original by Thra Ka Band:

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

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Take care and live well!

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