fredag 17 juli 2009

1st Reform Concert and Even More Distributors

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Hi all you music-lovers wherever and whoever you are!

After coming home yesterday it's time to leave again for one week of total holiday. Another holiday without internet connection. As everything in this world: for good and for bad, for better and for worse.

Some news:

Reform has received two new distributors for our Danish and Finnish supporters:



Uffe has searched the reform archives and found a recording of what I think is Reform's first gig. Rated X and What If are almost intact, but Great Expectations and It's About That Time are not, because at this time I was playing the organ with a retro/psyche group called The Iprcress Files (great movie). The singer/guitarist in that group was a bit crazy, but nice anyway. At this very concert he digged the music so much that he (while dancing and screaming), by accident, stepped twice on Uffe's mini disc recorder so that it turned off. Therefore the cut versions. In this group we are always honest and show everything as it is, so please: accept this performance for what it is! I think that a friend of Johan, Daniel Feldt, was playing the sitar on this concert.

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Enjoy and take care!

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