torsdag 26 juni 2014

Still Alive!

There are too many things happening at the same time. Dear fellow reformers! Reform exists, but has become severed by coincidences. A new group is formed. It is called Silurien. At the same time Peter and me are working on a side project. Vocals have been added to some Reform material and there are some songs in Swedish also.

Silurien consists of:
Jesper Bergman: bass, vox
Peter Åkerberg: git, vox
Mats Pettersson: git, vox
Thomas Berglund: lap steel, vox
Micael Öberg: drums

Watch Bonding with the Stars for a Ride:

 Silurien Psychedelic Trip:

Driving Cassady Live:

Driving Cassady will play in Italy this summer. The new album, In Blue, is being released last week of August.

Also take a look into Ralph Lundsten's fantastic, but now lost, universe. This is the last time Ralph sat down to work at his wonderful Andromeda Studio. Now what remains is an empty room. Sad!

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