torsdag 5 juli 2012

An ego-trip and some more

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Hope the summer has been great so far!

Concerning Reform we have been laying low for a while, actually since the last concert at Amsterdam Café on April 23rd. Why? Having a band is complicated and I felt as if I was short of air after that gig. We played well but I felt dissatisfied anyway. My impression was that we had not progressed as a group enough. It was good musicianship without magic. We all no that music cannot exist without magic! I have been considering great many possibilities and talked to some group members. I want more participation from my fellow musicians. I want more cooperation. I want everybody to write material.

Tomorrow we will rehearse and Magnus has sent me a great idea for a tune. He already has two songs on our standard repertoire, Madame Riot and Tax Vobiscum. I have a great feeling for his third contribution!

Ralph and I have now mixed four out of six compositions for his upcoming 111th album! River of Time, Between Phantazy and Pholly, Citadels of Mystery and Agent of Paradise. Ralph has also been approached by the DJ Sanna La Fleur Engdahl. It seems as if she will do an interpretation of Agent of Paradise. Lars-Johan and I will work out the rest of the details.

 I have also have some good rehearsals with Glasson and Driving Cassady. Driving Cassady is a new constellation that I have been asked to join and accepted. We have completed a great studio recording and the album will be released in September. I really like the reference to Neal Cassady, the driver of the bus Further. It would have been a real "trip" driving HIM instead of the opposite. Anything could have happened with him loose among the passengers! That, for me, is the whole point of Driving Cassady.

Last weekend I visited my good Friend Mats Jarl and his great studio Alice´s Restaurant (yet another great reference). I recorded from the evening of the 28th - the morning of the 1st of July. I played everything myself except for a guitar solo, played by Ulf Henningsson, on the second song.

I'll now present you with my ego-trip. I call it "Komma Hem Hel":

Mats handled the camera and I did the editing. I am really satisfied with the result. My brother Anders, myself and Gustav Ejstes jammed together in Alice´s Restaurant a couple of times in the late nineties. We also recorded there with Reform in 2001. Great memories and great music. Reine Fiske and Johan Glasson played the guitars. Reform actually sprung from Dungen. Some day the music from those sessions will be released.

On August 4th Reform will be performing at the Backstage Festival in Lerdala. A great festival arranged by Mats Jarl.

On August 25th Reform will play Julikullen, Midsommarkransen. An event arranged by Musikmacken.

Take care and live well! Enjoy summer! Jesper

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