fredag 25 februari 2011

Yet another new song. With vocals!!!

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Dear reformers!

Yesterday, February 24, we produced yet another outtake for the new album. It is called Align and is written by me and Peter. The lyrics are also by us. Yes, I just mentioned lyrics! It is the first Reform track with actual vocals, by me. I am satisfied with both the lyrics and the singing.

Why a vocal track? Our goal is to have three tracks with vocals on the new album and it is partly because we do some Grateful Dead tracks live and then thought "why not try to do some tracks of our own with vocals?". Another reason may be that it is important to broaden one's horizons: Can we keep our sound although we incorporate vocals? Judge for yourself! I think it works and really brings a dark, gloomy feeling to the improvisation.

The following tracks with vocals will, I suppose, be Nuclear War, which I co-wrote in the middle 90's with my old friend Petter Nyhlin, and a song written by me, Anders and Peter called Here's to Life. We played both these songs under the name Mountain Men at Mats Jarl's Backstage Festival in August 2010. Mountain Men is a side project consisting of only Peter, Anders and myself.

Here are the videos from that event:

To confuse you some more I will end this with a clip with Janis Joplin playing the song Raise Your Hand from Frankfurt in 1969. This is great! A genius at her best!

Music is music!

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