onsdag 17 juni 2009

The History of Reform V

Reform at Myspace
In June 2002 Jesper moved to San Sebastian, or Donostia which is the name in Basque, in the Basque Country to study Spanish and to work. He immediately started to look for musicians. He went to one of the jazz clubs, Atxerri. There he met Alvaro Suarez for the first time and they became friends. Alvaro was the one in charge of the music and he asked Jesper what Jesper could work with. Jesper said that he had brought his computer and that he could record the gigs. Alvaro accepted and Jesper started his work. Jesper place was at the end of the bar where he sat with his computer close the the mixer and to the musicians. He became known as El Sueco (The Swede).

To be continued...

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